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Clara Bow

Clara Bow lived alone with her mother for most of her life because as a child she was abused by her father. This abuse haunted her for her whole life. When she grew up she often went to the movies to escape the sadness in her life .


Birthdate: July 29 1905 in Brooklyn, NYBig Event: 1927: her biggest movie came out called "It"Big Event: mid 1940 attempted suicideDeathdate: September 27, 1965 in L.A

Clara Bow was in a beauty contast when she was sixteen. Then she became a movie star for silent films and acted in the movie "Beyond the Rainbow" in 1922. After that, everyone started calling her the "IT" girl.


"Even now I can't trust life. It did too many awful things to me as a kid ."


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one of her silent movies


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