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Clara Barton

BY: Sherlyn Parmar Per. X

- At the age of 11, Barton's brother David was injured badly. Barton spent two years taking care of David. - David evntually got better and Barton releazed that she like to take care of other. - At the age of 17, Barton began to work as a teacher without traning.- Soon open her own public school.-Fighting for women's right.

- Started school at the age of 3, not the usual age.- Teacher was impressed by her reading abilities and soon were also pleased with her accomplishments.- Barton decided to get a degree. She went to college in New York and graduated in 1851.


Clara Barton has achivement many things in her lifetime. She was the founder of the American Red Cross. She was the first female clerk in the United States. Barton organized a relief program for the soldiers. She worked in the Fredericksburg hospital caring for the wounded soldiers. Barton also established a free public school in Bordenton, N.J. These achievements are imporatnt in history is because these are the things that should be remembered. Barton has done great things and helped so many people and she deservers to be remembered.


Clara Barton

Brief info. of Education

- since then, the American red cross has helped people recover from all kinds of disasters.- Today the Red cross runs a major blood donation program that helps hospitals get the blood needed for their patients.

Contribution to health care

- As Barton traveled over sea, she leanred an oranization called the international red cross, which helped soliders during war.- Red cross and black background. - She wanted to bring that organization to America.- After four years, Barton found the American Red cross on May 21, 1881.

- before she found the red cross she was a volunteer nurse.- she was a battlefield nurse, she supplied the soliders with food, clothes, drinks etc.- soon she started to treat the wounds of the solider.- Angel of the battlefield.

- Full name: Clarissa Harlow Barton - Date of birth: December 25, 1821 (Oxford, MA)- Date of death: April 12, 1912 (Glen Echo, MD)- She lived in Maryland.- She was born to Stephen and Sarah Barton.- She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.- Her father, captain Stephen Barton, was a veteran of the Indian wars and owns a farm. - Her mother, Sarah, belived in women rights.

Personal Biography


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