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Clara Barton


1821 - Born on Christmas Day in North Oxford, MA1839-At age 17, began teaching1861- Quit job to help Civil War efforts1865- Hunted for missing Civil War soldiers when war ends1869-Went to Europe and learned about International Red Cross1873- Started the American Red Cross1912- Died on April 12 at age of 90

Clara Barton accomplished many great things during her life. First, when she was only eleven, she worked as a nurse for her sick brother for two years. Second, she quit her job in the U.S. Patent Office to care for wounded soldiers during the Civil War. Third, after the Civil War Clara helped American families by identifying 22,000 dead soldiers. Fourthly, she started the American Red Cross in 1881. As you can see, Clara Barton was an amazing woman!

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Clara Barton



Angel of the Battlefield

Clara Barton started the American Red Cross to help people in need.

Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in North Oxford, MA. She had a happy childhood with four older siblings. She was very shy. Her family homeschooled her. Clara's first job was as a teacher. Next she helped open a school. She then worked in the U.S. Patent Office before quitting that job to help soldiers in the Civil War. After the war, she helped families find missing soldiers. After this, Clara helped the Red Cross in Europe. She started the American Red Cross when she returned to the U.S.. She later died in 1904. Her work with the Red Cross continues even today.


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