Civilian Conservation Corps

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Civilian Conservation Corps

Civilian Conservation Corps

Established on April 5,1933

Solving Problems


The C.C.C., Civilian Conservation Corps was created as one of the New Deals by President Roosevelt. This provides unskilled manual jobs for the unemployed. The jobs are mostly about the conservation or development of antural resources on government ideas. This is created for men ages 18-25.

The C.C.C. was created by President Roosevelt as one of the parts of his new deal. This is to solve the major problem of high unemployment. He made this so that the unemployed between the ages of 18-25 will have a temporary job.

What was the problem?

1929 there wasa stock market crash which led to the Great Depression. Soon many companies were not able to afford to pay their employees, they had no choice but to fire them. Soon more and more were unemployed and the rate of unemployemnt rose. America needed the C.C.C. to provide them temporary and manual jobs to survive and feed their family.

What is is made for?

What is it?

FDR's First New Deal

-provided unskilled, manual labor jobs to unemployed-men who volunteered for works got paid while doing their duties and jobs-C.C.C let workers involved in the reconstruction processes, developments works, and more-workers could earn money and help the economy at the same time-the rate of unemployment decreased little by little but did not successfully positively affect the Great Depression -men planted millions of trees on land made barren from fires, natural erosions, and more

Duration of program: April 5, 1933 to June 30, 1942Nicknames: "Roosevelt's Tree Army", "Tree Troopers"Allotments to Dependents: $662,895,000Total Men Enrolled: 3,463,766Juniors, Veterans, and Native American Enrollees: 2,876,638Territorial Enrollees 50,000 (estimated)Unofficial Motto of the CCC: "We Can Take It!"

By: Sally Cho and Samantha Lee


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