Civilian Conservation Corps

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Civilian Conservation Corps

1933 Civilian Conservation Corps

- Created by FDR, led by General MacArthur- Was in business from 1933-1942- An agency independently owned: - Act of 1937 - Inspired by the Emergency Conservation Work Agency - Added men from ages of 18-25 to the work force to: - Roads - Parks - Plant Trees - Soil Erosion Protection - Flood Control - Bridges - Fire Lookouts - Service Builidings - All Transportation Improvements - Wildlife & Extermination - All Other infrastructure to be built and/or fixed- 3 million men in total- Seperated by segregation into Veterans, Whites, and Native Americans- They were paid $30, and $25 had to go home to support their families - Others were in jobs of: - Senior Leader - Mess Steward - Store Keeper - Two Cooks - Assistant Leader - Company Clerk - Assistant Educational Advisor - Three Second Cooks - These jobs were "rated" positions of camp administration- Supplied free food & drinks- Provided shelter and camp areas- Constructed over 800 parks, and upgraded many state parks- Planted over 200 million trees in 8 years - Which prevented Dust Bowl's to reoccur- Agreed on terms of the New Deal - Put into effect to decrease unemployment - During the term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Attempt to fix debt, and put money back into society - FDR promised: - Meals - Houses - Uniforms - Money - War, Labor, Agriculture & Interior Cabinets supervised - Alongside with the Board of Education & Veterans Administration

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