Civil War

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Civil War

A combination of luck, manipulation, and talent won Lincoln the Republican nomination for president in 1860. An especially fragmented race, featuring four major candidates, resulted in a victory for Lincoln despite the fact that he won less than 40 percent of the popular vote. With an avowed opponent of slavery having gained the nation's top office, several southern states began to consider the prospect of secession


1860- Lincoln elected1861 - Confederacy is formed April 12 Fort Sumpter attacked April 15 Calling proclamation April 21- First Bull Run August 1862 - Second bull run 1865 Civil War ends

The surge of female participation in the workforce and the abolition of slavery represent two major accomplishments for American women during the Civil War years. During the war itself, the women's suffrage movement paused as women diverted their energy to "war work." For the first time in American history, women came together by the thousands to join wartime volunteer brigades, work as nurses, and support aid societies. Suffragists also worked on behalf of the anti-slavery movement, a policy success that helped women develop campaign techniques that would ultimately be employed in their fight to win the vote.

Lasting Impact

Antebellum Americans had been fond of boasting that their "land of liberty" was a "beacon light of freedom" to the oppressed peoples of other lands.


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