Civil war

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Civil war

Battle of VIcksburg - Grant armies trap confederate armies - July 4, Vicksburg surrendured - Grant then appointed General- in - Chief of the union armies

Civil war

Fort SUmpter

Battle of Shiloh

Battle of Antietan

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Vicksburg

Fort Sumpter - symbolized both sides - April 12, 1861 was the 1st shot fired - beginning of the civil war

Battle of Shiloh - confederates states attack union armies - Confederates taken down by Union - war moves to Southwestern Tennesse

Battle of Gettysburg - South invades north, north wins - Meade captured 4,000 of confederate soliders - Lee troop vs General george both had many casulities

Battle of Antietam - 1st major battle n civil war on union soil - led to Emancipation Proclammation by Lincoln - war moved to maryland on September 17, 1862

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