Civil War

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Civil War


The Military Turning Points Of The War

Civil War

Day One- (Calvary) The North need supplies and the Lee needed shoes for his men. So the South and North met at a town where the supplies were at, where Lee just attacked the North. Day Two- (Fencing) South forces on the North side, because they wanted to control Little Round Top.Day Three- (Pickets Chare) Lee orders a frontal assult on a trench enemy position. The Pickets Charge made a impact on the conderates killing and/or wounded 7,000 mean in a half of hour

Lincoln made Ulysses S. Grant general, which then Grant later won the battles at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson but lost at Shiloh. Then He teamed up with General david G. Farragut to attack and control New Orleans and the eastern part of the Confederacy was left open. This entrance was surronded by Vicksburg, mississippi, and Port Hudson. Then Grant was command to force the Union forces to Vickburg in which he captured. The victory came the day after the defeat of Gettysburg.

The Battle of Gettysburg changed the situation of the entire war. At one point the Confederacy was winning until the battle. But the Confedrates decided to charge the Union but the Union wasnt gonna go down without a fight; And canons were fired. It was a huge win for the North as well. Not only did it destroy the hope of the Confederates, of winning the war, but it changed the view of american military. From all that men that died Abe wanted them not to just die for nothing so he addressed the Gettysburg Adress so that the men died for something.

General Robert E. Lee commanding the Conferency into Maryland after he won the second Battle of Bull Run with Pope in command for the North. Abe commands General McClellan to lead the North to victory in the Battle of Antietam. Two Soldiers found two battle plan's of Lee and used that against him. Which McClellan won the battle, so this was the right moment for Abe to launch the Emancipation Proclamtion. But this war was one of the bloodest and bitterest battle of American History.

September 17, 1862Battle of Antietam


July 1st-3rd, 1863Battle of Gettysburg

May 18-July 4, 1863Battle ofVicksburg

The Most Important Battle That Changed The View of the War


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