Civil War

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Civil War

George McClellan's men find a copy of Lee's Special Orders No. 191 issued on September 9, detailing deployment of Confederate troops during the initial phase of the invasion of Maryland, including the attack on Harper's Ferry

The intended supply route for his Northern invasion was the Shenandoah Valley, and he needed to clear out the Federal garrisons there at Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry. General McClellan wanted these outflanked posts evacuated, but Union General-in-Chief Henry Halleck insisted they be defended. To capture these forces, General Lee divided his army in half.

The idea of Lee was to draw the Union army far from its supply depots and fortifications, where they might be dealt a more decisive blow

Having both Lee and Jackson so close to Fredrick had either indicated that the reality of the fact of that there was an invasion underwey and not necessarily a raid

The Invasion of Maryland

Gen. Lee

Gen. McClellan


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