civil war

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civil war

The Civil War, America's bloodiest conflict, cost nearly 1,100,000 casualties and claimed more than 620,000 lives. The campaigning armies left destruction in their wake, particularly in the Southern states that bore the brunt of the fighting

The Civil War

The life of a soldier in the 1860's was difficult and for the thousands of young Americans who left home to fight for their cause, it was an experience none of them would ever forget. Military service meant many months away from home and loved ones, long hours of drill, often inadequate food or shelter, disease, and many days spent marching on hot, dusty roads or in a driving rainstorm burdened with everything a man needed to be a soldier as well as baggage enough to make his life as comfortable as possible. There were long stretches of boredom in camp interspersed with moments of sheer terror experienced on the battlefield. For these civilians turned soldiers, it was very difficult to get used to the rigors and demands of army life.

War Between the States

Date April 12, 1861 – April 9, 1865 (last shot ended June, 1865) Location United States, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean Result Union victory Territorial integrity of the United States of America preserved Reconstruction Slavery abolished Belligerents United States of America (Union)[1] Confederate States of America (Confederacy) Commanders Abraham Lincoln Winfield Scott George B. McClellan Henry Wager Halleck Ulysses S. Grant William T. Sherman Gideon Wellesand others Jefferson Davis P.G.T. Beauregard Joseph E. Johnston Robert E. Lee Stephen Malloryand others Strength 2,100,000 1,064,000 Casualties and losses 110,000 killed in action360,000 total dead275,200 wounded 93,000 killed in action260,000 total dead137,000+ wounded


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