Civil War Weapons

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Civil War Weapons

Rockets actually existed during the civil war, although many believed they were created in the 20th century.Landmines were originally used by the confederates, and some mines were still being removed until 1960.Both sides used underwater mines, but the confederates were much more adapt at using them.The union actual were the ones who created the "limelight," a bright chemical light.In the Civil War, generals used hot air ballons to survey a battle form above, and scouts used them for reconnaissance.The Winian steam gun was a prototype of a Gatling Gun that used steam to propel bullets at 200 a minute.

Old Weapons

1861 - Springfield musket1853 - Enfield musket1842 - Smoothbore musket

•Muskets•Cannons•Pistols•Sabers•Knives•Artillery•Explosive Devices

New Weapons

Minie BulletRocketsGatling gun


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Civil War weaponry




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