Civil War Weaponry

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Civil War Weaponry

Mill's Coffee Mill Gun. Like the Gatling Gun, the cartridges of Mill's invention were fed by a hand crank, and this is why some people believe that President Lincoln called it "the coffee grinder gun"

Civil War Weaponry

U.S. Percussion rifled musket M1861/shoulder arms.It is estimated that about one million Model 1861–type muskets were manufactured during the war. U.S. Percussion rifles had to be immediately reloaded so they were not efficient in hand to hand combat. The advantage of a long range rifle was it was more tactical than lining up and shooting each other.

Civil War cannon.The artillery was designed to be mobile. This was a long range weapon mainly. And you could take out about 15-20 people in one shot if they were together.

1845 gatlin gun made byRichard Jordan Gatlin,Made for large numbers of enemies

model 1850 foot officers sword,made for quick attacks and for causing the most damage possible

The Model 1860 Spencer Repeating Rifle Was used for medium range warfare and for not having that super long reload time so you have the advantage over the opponent

The Reason Civil War Weaponry Was ImportantCivil war weaponry was important because that was how we fought and how we defended our selfs. But we were looking for ways on how to improve it. Also people wanted to make guns there selfs and wanted to know how guns work. But there a variety of weaponry on the battlefield, such as Cannons, Rifles, Handguns and even swords. Many people wanted to fight and because of interchangable parts we created a while back helped the local people fightfor there country too.

Why We Needed WeaponryMainly we needed weapons because we needed protection. Also with the right training you can be very good from a range too. But a part depended on your rifle and how good it shoots. But as the years went by we started invinting better and smaller rifles and mainly better at greater ranges. But still today we are invinting better and smaller, more efficint, and light weight.

Here Is a Video About The Cannons Of The War--->


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