Civil War Spies

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Civil War Spies

Civil War Spies

Elizabeth Van LewElizabeth Van Lew was born on October 15,1818. She became a spy because she wanted to keep the nation together she sent info to Washington for 2 years.She also freed her slaves and they helped her with her spy missions.She died September 25,1900 at age 82.

Belle BoydBelle Boyd was a woman spy born on May9,1844. She decided to become one because when a drunken Union soldier used bad language at her and her mom. She got mad and decided to get back by being a spy at age 17. Some things she did was collect info about army plans and give it to the confederat troops and stole wepons. She had other spy missions but later she died on June 11,1900 at the age 56.

Benjamin StringfellowBenjamin was born on June 18, 1840. He was a Confederate spy and on his first mission he was spying on the Yankee troops and watched there every move. He even once posed himself as a dentist to gather information without being caught. Benjamin died June 8, 1913 from a heartattack.

Timothy WebsterTimothy was born on March 12,1822. He was recomended as a detective to a famous detective,Allen Pinkerton, who gave him the job. Later he became a Union spy and gathered info. He died April 29, 1862.


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