[2015] Della Vasilko: Civil War Spies

by Husak
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Social Studies
American History

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[2015] Della Vasilko: Civil War Spies

Civil War Spiesby Della Vasilko

Elizabeth Van LewShe was born on October 1818 in Richmond Virginia Elizabeth was stubborn as a child. And she was sent to a Quaker school and became convinced that slavery was wrong

Sarah Emma EvelynSarah disguised herself as a man and used the name Frank Tomson. She was born in New Bruncwic, Canada in December of 1841

Belle Boydbelle was born on may 9, 1849.she was bon is Martinsburg, Virginis. her real name is Maris Isabella Boyd.she died June 11, 1900.

Rose O'Neal GreenhowShe wat born the year of 1813 in Montgomery County,Mrryland. Her first neame was Maria Rosetta O'Neale. she dies October 1, 1864


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