Civil War Causes

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Civil War Causes

Other Civil War Resources:www.civilwar.orgwww.americanhistory.about.comwww.loc.govThese resources can be used to furthur your studies of The American Civil War.

Republican Party :Slavery will not be extended to any new territories or states added to the Union !

Election of Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln was elected as President in 1860. As a result of the election South Carolina issued its "Declaration of the Causes of Secession".

A CAUSE of the CIVIL WARBy Dominick Tassone

Lincoln:"The South is becoming too powerful!!!!!!!"

The south believed that Lincoln was anti-slavery and in favor of Northern Interests.

The Civil War lasted from 1861-1865 and led to over 618,000 casualties. The causes of the war can be traced back to tensions that formed early in the nation's history. The election of Abraham Lincoln was a major cause that led to the war. Lincoln won the election with out receiving one electoral vote from any southern state and this triggered declarations of secession from The United States.



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