Civil War Battles

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Civil War Battles

Fort Sumter1st Battle of the Civil WarThis fort was of not military importance but was a symbol to both sidesUnion troops were forced to leave the fort and the U.S. flag was not to be raised again at Fort Sumter until Febuary 18th, 1865

Battle of AntietamThis was the first major battle to take place on union landThis was also named the "Battle of Sharpsburg"This battle is what led to the issue of the Emancipation Proclamation

Battle of GettysburgThis was the turning point in the warBoth armies combined suffered between 46,000 and 51,000 deathsAfter this war Confederate forces conducted no more strategic offensives in 1864 & 1865

By: Taylor Lord

1st Battle at Bull RunThis was the 1st major Battle that took place in Prince William County, VirginiaThis was supposed to be the shortestt and the end to the brand new warPeople picnicked and watched the battle take place Took 10 long hours and Union troops retreated back to Washington.

Civil War Battles

Battle of ShilohThis was the bloodiest battle of the Civil WarThis was also named the "Battle of Pittsburg Landing"There were more than 23,500 men killed and/or capturedConfederate forces suceeded on the 1st day with a surprise attack on Grant but were defeated on the 2nd day


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