Civil War Battles: Perryville

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Civil War Battles: Perryville

Date: October 8, 1862

Location: Perryville, Kentucky

Result:Union Victory



Don Carlos Buell He graduated from the United States Military Academy 32nd out of 52 in his class in 1841. He was chose by General George McClellan to lead the troops in Kentucky. He was relieved of his command after he failed to act upon confederate retreating forces.

Braxton Bragg He graduated from West Point in 1837. He served in the Mexican War and became very good friends with Jefferson Davis, Confederate President. Bragg was commonly known to make irrational decisions and cause disasters.

The Confederates wanted to invade Kentucky and take control. Two Confederate forces entered Kentucky hoping to gain land they had lost in the summer to the Union. Forces were led by Bragg and Smith. Bragg brought with 15, 000 rifles hoping to gain Kentucky support but they were unresponsive. The Union had 78,000 men. Buell led 58,000 mend toward Bragg's army and set 20,000 to confront Smith, McCook was in command of that Union army.Bragg was unaware of the total size of Buell's army, so he attacked the small portion McCook was in charge of. The attack was early in the afternoon of October 8. Bragg wanted to collapse McCook's left side onto the rest of their army forcing them to retreat. The plan had almost succeeded until Buell arrived, who was two miles away helping other forces. Buell directed two brigades to strength the deteriorating left side. They managed to take control and secure their line. Fighting continued until nightfall before it finally came to a halt. Bragg realized he was outnumbered and started to retreat. It was a Union victory and the battle lasted only one day.


The Battle



Map of Battle

Battle at Perryville

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Carbine- weighed about 5 pounds- similar to a short, lightweight musket or short rifle- more accuracy than a pistol- doesn't shoot as far as a regular rifle

There were many casualties. Of the Union 4,200 were either killed, wounded, or missing. Of the Confederacy 3,400 were lost. The Union lost more soldiers but they also had more engaged in battle. The Confederates retreated and Buell did not pursue so he was later replaced by Rosecrans. Kentucky stayed in the hands of the Union for the rest of the war.


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