[2015] Sujay Shah: Civil War Battles

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[2015] Sujay Shah: Civil War Battles

The Confederate Army were very low on food and industry, so they needed to raid a city with a lot of that. They also needed a war near Washington D.C. to over throw the capitol. They picked Gettysburg. Also, Gettysburg was a city with many major roads in it. The Union did not know about this but they were going through Gettysburg. Somebody in the Union saw the Confedarates and told the Genaral. The Union started the war. The Confedarates won the first day, but eventually the Union won the Gettysburg Battle.

The Civil War BattlesSujay Shah


Bull Run



The battle of Shiloh was a sneak/surprise attack in the night. When the Union was sleeping, the Confederates attacked the Union camp. The Union started to get up but they were too late. Alot of the Union soldiers were already dead. The battle ended up being 2 un organized group killing each other.

The Army of the Potomac, under the command of George McClellan, mounted a series of powerful assaults against Robert E. Lee’s forces near Sharpsburg, Maryland. The morning assault and vicious Confederate counterattacks went back and forth through Miller’s Cornfield and the West Woods. Later, towards the center of the battlefield, Union assaults against the Sunken Road hurt the Confederate center after a terrible struggle. Late in the day, the third and final assault by the Union army pushed over a stone bridge at Antietam Creek. Just as the Federal forces began to collapse the Confederate retreated.

The Battle of Bull Run was the firs major land battle of the Confederate and Union armies. The Union army marched from Washington to the Confederate army, which was drawn up behind Bull Run. McDowell crossed at Sudley Ford and attacked the Confederate left flank on Matthews Hill. Fighting was all that was happening throughout the day as Confederate forces were driven back to Henry Hill. Late in the afternoon, Confederate reinforcements extended and broke the Union right flank. The Federal retreated and the Union won the Battle.

Resourceshttp://www.civilwar.org/The Battle of Gettysburg(book)http://www.civilwar.org/

Bull Run


The Civil War Starts

Civl War Song


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