Civil War Battle of South Mountain

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Civil War Battle of South Mountain

Map of Battle

Battle of South Mountain

Location: Fredrick County, Maryland

Result: Union Victory


Strenght: 28,000

Killed: 443

Strenght: 18,000


Killed: 325

Lee divided his army, sending a portion of it into western Maryland while Andrew Jackson's wing attempted to capture the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry. The bold plan was jeopardized on September 13 when a mislaid copy of Lee's orders revealing the Confederates' plans and positions was given to Union commander Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan. Emboldened by this intelligence, McClellan tried to force his army through three passes in the South Mountain range on September 14, 1862. Intense fighting drew increasing number of troops of both armies to Fox's, Turner's, and Crampton's gaps. Though the Federals ultimately gained control of all three passes, strong resistance on the part of the Confederates bought Lee precious time to begin the process of reuniting his army, and set the stage for the Battle of Antietam.


The Battle

Set up the Battle of Antietam for the South.

Date: September 14, 1862

Weapon: Sharps Rifle-Known for its accuracy and long range capabilitiesMedical: Amputation Kit-Was a kit used by doctors when performing an amputation. Had mostly saws and knives in the kit


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