Civil War Battle of Perryville

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Civil War Battle of Perryville

Confederate Leadership

Battle of Perryville

Battle of Perryville Video

The Confederates had an early advantage at the Battle of Perrysville. They were able to benefit from the minimal communication by the Union forces. During the summer of 1862, General Bragg organized an invasion of Perryville, Kentucky. His goal was to take attention away from the Confederate stronghold of Vicksburg and Chattanooga. The Union forces first fought with Confederate forces on Springfield Pike, before the fighting moved to Peters Hill. The day after that, the battle was still going on around Peters Hill, but the fighting had halted for a while. The fighting halted until the Confederates struck the Union, and the Union had a stubborn counter attack. Even though both sides of the war had many attacks during the Battle of Perryville, many more soldiers from the Union were killed, injured, and captured.Both sides of the war wanted to control Kentucky. They wanted to control it because of its central location and its control of the two rivers. The Union feared that the loss of the border state would help the Confederated win the war, but the Union held on to Perryville, Kentucky. When General Bragg was forced to retreat, due to loss of men and supplies, the Confederate force was over. This meant that the Union had control of Kentucky. Even though the Union won the Battle of Perryville, both sides still benefitted from the battle. The Union had a strategic victory, and the Confederacy had a tactical victory. This battle was a turning point for the Civil War, because as a result the Union had complete control of all of Kentucky.

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Map of Kentucky

The Union General during the Battle of Perryville was General Don Carlos Buell. He converged with his troops on the crossroads of Perryville, Kentucky in three lines. On September 29th, General Buell received orders from Washington, releasing him from command. This left General Buell’s second in command, George H. Thomas, to replace him. General Thomas refused to replace General Buell, so Buell was kept as general. General Buell had 22,000 Union soldiers to fight during the Battle of Perryville. Out of these soldiers, 894 of them were killed, 2,911 of them were wounded, and 471 of them were captured. In the end, the Union had a strategic victory.

Braxton Bragg was the Confederate General during the battle of Perryville. General Bragg’s army consisted of 16,800 men. His army was split into two parts, the Right Wing and the Left Wing. The Right Wing was ordered by Leonidas Polk, a general who was once a planter, and is known for his disagreements with General Braxton Bragg.The Left Wing was ordered by General William J. Hardee, a US Army officer, whose writings about military tactics were used on both sides of the Civil War. In total, 542 of Bragg’s soldiers were killed, 2,641 were injured, and 228 were captured. When General Bragg realized that he was short of supplies and men, he started retreating back towards Tennessee. Even though, the fighting caused General Bragg and his troops to retreat, the Confederates still had a tactical victory.

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