Civil War Battle of New Orleans

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Civil War Battle of New Orleans

In the battle of New Orleans, the Union was led by Benjamin Butler. The first battle he led was the battle of Big Bethel which he lost. While stationed in New Orleans, he was believed to loot houses, and had censored New Orleans’ newspaper. He was nicknamed “Beast Butler” because of these actions. Butler was eventually recalled and replaced because of interfering with their operations.

The Confederate was lead by General Mansfield Lovell. He had resigned as a city street commissioner to become a confederate officer. In October 1861, he was appointed as a major general. Lovell was assigned to command the defences of New Orleans, but failed. This resulted in him being relieved of command. April 1863, a court of inquiry was requested. He was charged with incompetence, but found innocent. Lovell was not assigned again during the Civil War.

The Battle of New Orleans

Union Leadership


Confederate Leadership

Political Map of Battle


General Benjamin Butler

General Mansfield Lovell

April 24, 1862, the Union began the occupation of New Orleans. Naval action was used to capture the city. The Union Flag-Officer D.G. Farragut, along with the naval squadron of 43 ships, continued up the Mississippi. As the naval forces were entering the Mississippi, the Confederates had heavy chain cables as their main defence. The gunboat carried 166 guns & 26 howitzers. General Mansfield Lovell withdrew his troops north. The next day the surrender of the City was demanded. On April 25, the city fell apart. 6,000 men were led into the city to take command for the rest for the war by General Benjamin Franklin Butler. This battle was quickly New Orleans was surrendered on April 28, 1862. This was a vital Confederate city and left an impacting blow for the remainder of the war. This loss was considered one of the worst in the Civil War for the Confederacy.

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