Civil War Battle of Memphis

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Civil War Battle of Memphis

Union Leadership For fifteen minutes the Union went without wounding one their leaders and easily sinking a Confederate Ship the Union opened fire. The number of casualties resulted in a crushing defeat for the rebels. This also marked the virtual eradication of a Confederate naval presence on the Mississippi River. The Union won making. This was one of the shortest battles of the entire Civil War. This battle was one hour and thirty minutes. Officer Davis’ education included two years of study at Harvard. After the outbreak of the Civil War, Ellet created a steam powered ram. He personally led a fleet of nine rams in the battle of Memphis. Union forces won, but Ellet was mortally wounded.

ConfederateLeadership On June 6th, when Confederate forces saw the Federal Fleet appear just above the city of Memphis, they formed a battle line and fought. The number of casualties that occurred during this battle to the Confederates contributed a substantial amount to their loss. The confederate leaders were Captain James E. Montgomery and General M. Jeff Thompson. The fact that the Confederates used only eight rams could have benefitted why they lost. This is only one of the battles that the confederates have lost. Captain Montgomery was born in Ohio. General Thompson was appointed brigadier general of the First Division.

Battle of Memphis

General M. Jeff Thompson

Colonel Charles Ellet



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What Happened?Once the Confederate River Defense Fleet, led by Captain James E. Montgomery and General M. Jeff Thompson, nearly triumphed over the Union Ironclads at Plum Run Bend, Tennessee, in the May of 1862, they retired to Memphis. Brig. General M. Jeff Thompson was the missouri State Guard. A Confederate General commanded troops out of Fort Pillow and Memphis on June 4th after learning about Union Maj. General Henry W. Halleck’s occupation of Corinth, Mississippi. Thompson’s few troops camped just outside of Memphis. Montgomery’s fleet were the only force available to meet the Union Naval threat to the city.After 4:00 am on June 6th, Officer Charles H. Davis and Col. Ellet’s son launched a naval attack on Memphis. At about 5:30 the battle began. The union boats either sank or captured all but one Confederate vessel; General Van Dorn escaped. Col. Ellet’s son, Medical Cadet Charles Ellet, Jr., immediately met the mayor of Memphis and raised the Union colors over the courthouse after the battle. Flag Officer Davis, later received the surrender of the city from the mayor of the city of memphis. The Indiana Brigade, ordered by Col. G.N. Fitch, then occupied the city. Memphis had fallen therefore opening another section of the Mississippi River to Union shipping. The union won this battle.

Map Of Battles


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