Civil War Battle of Atlanta

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Civil War Battle of Atlanta

The Battle of Atlanta

Union Leadership

On July 22, 1862, William Tecumseh Sherman was the Union’s leader for the battle of Atlanta. He was also the leader for the Battle of First Manassas, Atlanta, and Shiloh. In the Battle of First Manassas, it was Sherman’s first seen combat where he commanded a brigade of Tyler’s Division. In the battle of Shiloh, Sherman lead a division yet he was overwhelmed by the Confederate’s leader, Albert Sydney Johnston. In the battle of Atlanta 34,836 soldiers participated in the war on the Union. After the war of Atlanta, Sherman stayed in the military and finally rose to the rank of a full general serving as general-in-chief in the army from 1869 to 1883. William T. Sherman would become one of the most largely, well-known leaders of the Union’s military leaders next to U.S.Grant. William T. Sherman was promoted to be a major general of volunteers on May 1, 1862. Sherman was praised for his revolutionary ideas on total war, William Tecumseh Sherman died in 1891.


John Bell Hood was the general for the battle Atlanta. He was born June 29, 1831 and died August 30, 1879 in Owingsville, Kentucky. He was a West Point Graduate at the age of 22. He was the most immediately promoted leader in the Confederate history in the Civil War. After he served for Texas and California in the United States Military, he resigned his authority in 1861 in April to join the Confederates. He was the leader of the Battle of Gaines’ Mill on June 27. Hood distinguished himself by leading his army in a charge that broke the Union line - arguably the best Confederate performance in the Seven Days Battles. He escaped the battle without an injury, and every officer in his army was killed or wounded. He has the experience for the battle Atlanta to be able to win.




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