Civil War Battle

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Civil War Battle



Location: From Atlanta To Savannah

Result: Damaged Infrastruture

•After leaving Atlanta, Sherman was headed for Savannah, GA. •60,000 soldiers went on a 265-mile march from Atlanta to Savannah •On his march, Sherman destroyed military targets as well as civilian economic system that supported the confederate military (for example farms, homes, towns, railroads, bridges, roads)•This move took over two months•As a response to the damage, Sherman said “if the people [of Georgia] raise a howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war, and not popularity seeking”.

The Battle

•Estimates to the damage of Sherman's March to the Sea were as high as $100 million. •On December 22, 1864, Sherman sent a wire to President Lincoln saying “Here, to present you a Christmas gift the city of Atlanta with one hundred fifty heavy guns, plenty of ammunition, and also about twenty five thousand bales of cotton”.•Sherman did not burn Savannah because he thought it was a treasure that the union army needed. •With the cotton he found in Savannah, Sherman quickly had it loaded, shipped up to the north, and sold for $28 million. •The main concern for people left in Georgia was finding food and shelter. Everything around Georgia was left in ruins. •The purpose of this march was to end civilian support for the war effort and to end the war


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