Civil War

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Civil War

Civil War

Gettysburg: Pickett's Charge

~Slavery ~North~South ~Union~Confederacy ~Gettysburg~Appomatox Court House~Surrender ~Tactics~Henry Clay ~Abolitionists~Misouri Compromise~Abraham Lincoln ~Surrender~Underground Railroad~April 9, 1865 ~Battlefield~Emancipation Proclamation~Artillery ~Homefront~Robert E. Lee ~George Pickett~Drafts ~Soldiers~Ulysses S. Grant ~Opportunities ~Harriet Tubman ~Fighting

Key Events/People


Face off!

A Nation Divided

Union soldiers were known to wear dark blue jackets and light blue pants while the confederate soldiers had uniforms that initially varied. Most were poor farmers and it took a great deal of time to get common uniforms. Modern artillery was used in fighting to include cannons and the first rifles.


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