Civil War (1861-1865)

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Civil War (1861-1865)

Civil War (1861-1865)

In 1861, when the public first recieved news of a possible war, they thought it would last 3 months--not 5 years!

After wars, shrapnel would be buried underground and people hunting for souvenirs from the war would dig them up. Sometimes, the shrapnel would explode, causing death or serious injury (loss of arms, legs, etc.)

The Civil War was America's bloodiest battle--about 750,000 people were killed.

Just last year, the number of deaths in the Civil War was raised by 20%.

The bloodiest (and most famous) battle was the battle of Gettysburg, that lasted for 3 days.July 1, 1863July 3, 1863About 8,000 killed, 27,000 wounded, and 11,000 missing

Why were they fighting?

This was a battle against the North and South United States. This was not just about slavery, though. Here are other reasons:1) Economic and social differences.2) South wanted states to be able to decide on their rights instead of having the president do this.3) Underground Railroad and people helping escaped slaves to freedom, where their "masters" couldn't bring them back.4) Abraham Lincoln's election angered some people because they thought he was 100% for the Northern ways and anti-slavery.5) Slavery

Artillery(cannons, red, crossed cannons on hat)

Cavalry(horses, yellow, crossed swords on hat)

Infantry(rifles, blue, bugle on hat)

Battlefield nurses had many rules when choosing clothing to wear, thanks to Dorothea "The Dragon" Dix. They could not wear hoopskirts under their dresses and were supposed to wear brown or black.

Also, medical technology was definitely not what it is today. People did not know that not washing off used medical tools would spread disease, and washing them after every use was considered "wasting water" so tools were rarely washed.

When you think of the Civil War, you think of the Union soldiers (from the North) in blue uniforms and the Confederate soldiers (from the South) in gray uniforms. But what many people don't know is that sometimes Union would wear gray. Whatever regulation uniform they were given, they would wear.

Civil War Reenactment


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