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Civil Rights Timelime

Civil Rights Timeline

By: Mariana GonzalezMrs. Jeimy GonzalezEnglish 7February 19, 2015

Time Line


Montgomery Bus Boycott





Selma-to-Montgomery March

About two months after Rosa Parks said no to giving up her seat in a bus so that a white person could take her spot, she was arrested on February 22, 1956. Later on, there was a boycott on the buses because they had decided to arrest her for her actions. People were really mad. A civil rights protester, Jo Ann Robinson, decided to take action. She stayed up all night making copies of a flyer. This was when the boycott took effect. Empty buses were often seen in Montgomery.

In June 1963, a group of protesters were at a sit-in in Jackson, Missisipi and stayed at a lunch counter, even though they had food thrown at. There were also protests in Raleigh, North California. There were 43 college students arrested because of their actions.

Sit-Ins and Protests

Freedom Rides

A bus was carrying freedom riders in Anniston, Alabama on May 15, 1961 when it caught fire and burned after being stopped because of a flat tire. None of the passengers were seriously injured though.

During a protest in Birmingham, the police used attack dogs to fight some protesters, including a 15-year old who was just watching. The kid had not been protesting. Later, four girls, ages 11 to 14, were killed in a bombing in Birmingham. Thirty-seven years after this, in 2001, a former Ku Klux Klansman, Thomas Blanton Jr., was found guilty for the bombing.

Some civil rights activists were trying to march from Selma to Montgomery on March 7, 1965 when some troopers broke up the group. Some weeks later, some marchers were arriving in Montgomery. Thousands of people met outside the Alabama Capitol to hear Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech on March 25.

Violence Against Protesters


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