Civil Rights throughout America

by ARembert
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Language Arts

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Civil Rights throughout America

You will need your journal, a pen, a book of Through My Eyes, and a technology device. Be sure to read each step of the instructions, and follow them as you go along.Our goal for this Civil Rights Unit is to be able to idenifty ways in which the events of the past affect our lives today. It also may cause you to think about things from a different perspective. Each example we study is another piece of the overall picture of America.


Complete these Civil Rights lesson tasks - November 29th - 30th

Your instructional tasks:

1) Read the section called "Going Home" on page 20. What image is it that frightens Ruby the most? Explain why you believe this image frightens her so badly?2) Summarize Ruby's mother's quote from the bottom of page 12. Why do you think she grew more afraid? 3) Read Mrs. Henry's side of the story at the bottom of page 23. What do you learn about her as a person? Also as a teacher? 4) Read the sections "Some Show Courage" and "Another First Grader." Do you think Mr. Foreman and the Gabrielle's were smart in what they did? Explain.7) How did 1950s Washington, D.C. represent freedom as well as a lack of freedom?8) What drew African-Americans to D.C.? What were the schools there like at the beginning of the 1950s?9)What amendment to the US Constitution relates to the equal rights of all students? Why was "Plessy v. Fergusson" mentioned in the court's decision?10) When did construction begin on the Lincoln Memorial? Who created the sculpture of Lincoln housed inside the Memorial?11) What historical event took place in front of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963? Why?12) Read about Gandhi's "Historical Importance." How does it relate to the US Civil Rights Movement?13) The End!!!



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