Civil Rights Movement

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

By: Isabelle Flynn #9 5B

Time Line


Mrs Robinson sits on whites only side of bus and gets treated like a dog.


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The Womans Political Council were outraged they had waited for more than 5 years for Mayor Gayle to do something about how the blacks were being treated on the bus.


Rosa Parks gets arrested and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Begins



The Montgomery Bus Boycott ends

9 Black students try to go to school at Little Rock NIne

Montgomery Bus Boycott The whites forced the blacks to sit in the back of the buses. The blacks did not like this. They had enough but the whites crossed the line when they arrested Rosa Parks which was a huge mistake because that started the Montgomery Bus Boycott that lasted for more than a year.

Little Rock NineEven though the white people did not want the 9 black students to go to their school. They kept trying until the President sent solders to help them get into the school.


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