Civil Rights Movement

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African-American History

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Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement And March On Washington

Martin Luther King did not mean to tell about his dream. A friend of his yelled out, "Tell them about the dream Martin. Martin was a preacher.

Martin Luther King Jr was the last one to speak at the March On Washington. His speech was 16 minutes long.

Rosa Parks was not the first African-American to refuse to give up their seat. Some other women had been aressted for the same crime in the last 10 months.

A fiveteen year old named Claudette Colvin also did not give up her seat. She later on became a plantiff in the court case to end bus segregation . Rosa parks refused to give up her seat on Dec. 1,1955.

A quarter of a million people participated in The March on Washington. About a year after the March on Washington the Civil Rights act of 1964 was made a law.


Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King Jr.

March On Wash.

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By: McCall Clark


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