Civil Rights Movement

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Civil Rights Movement

During the Civil Rights Movement, it was mostly for the rights of African-Americans. One of the first and biggest milestones of this era was that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball (MLB). There were many advancements in this movement. For example, Rosa Parks started the bus boycott which resulted into Bus segregation reffered as unconstitutional. The case Brown v. Board of Education caused for school segregation to be unconstitutional. President Eisenhower was a good man and brought the National Guard to intergrate nine students into a school in Little Rock, Arkansas. This was later known as "Little Rock Nine". Also, don't forget about the most known civil rights activist in the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. lead a march in Washington, DC. Sadly, he was assasinated 5 years later in a hotel.


1947 - Jackie Robinson intergrates into the Major League Baseball1954 - Supreme Courts says in Brown v. Board of Education that segregated schools are unconstitutional1955-56 - Montgomery's bus boycott causes Supreme Cout to state that Bus segregation is unconstitutional1957 - Eisenhower uses National Guard to intergrate schools in Little Rock, Arkansas1963 - Martin Luther King Jr. leads march in Washington, DC1968 - Martin Luther King Jr. is assasinated

If it wasn't for brave people involved in this movement, we would not be the country we have today. Schools are integrated now. African-Americans got the rights they deserved. They were well respected now. Buses aren't segregated anymore. A lot of historic baseball players would not have been famous because of their color of skin. Jackie Robinson made it possible.

Lasting Impact

This have obviously taken part of a life now. Lanier Middle School wouldn't be the same if the school was segregated. Most schools wouldn't be the same and a lot of people wouldn't have an education or rights.


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