civil rights instruction

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civil rights instruction

Log into (type in the nickname and password provided to you) Directions: Using your textbook chapters 21 and 23 (sections 1 and 2), along with credible sources on the internet. (i.e.:,, etc) to research the 4 Civil Rights movements from 1950-1970 discussed in class: •African-Americans•Latinos•Native Americans•WomenYou will be required to create one separate Glog for each of the 4 groups listed above. Each Glog must meet the following minimum requirements. Failure to do so by the assigned due date will result in a score of 0/100. Upon completion of the minimum requirements you will receive ½ credit of what score you earn.


Create Glog About:"Civil Rights Movements of the 1950-60s "

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Minimum requirements (for each Glog):


•Select one important person that contributed to the movement, write a biography of that person including their accomplishments and what they contributed to the movement. Also include a picture of that person on your Glog.•A history / background of the movement prior to 1950.•The goals of that Civil Rights movement.•The accomplishments and/or shortcomings of that movement. (i.e. laws, amendments passed or not passed)•1 video or audio clip (can be homemade or imported from youtube, history channel, etc)•1 external link to a credible website providing additional information on that movement (not Wikipedia).



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