[2014] Enrique Carrasco: Civil Right Movement

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[2014] Enrique Carrasco: Civil Right Movement

Civil Rights Movement

By: Enrique Carrasco

Time Line


Jim Crow Laws

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was when Rosa Parks was arrested, colored men and women started avoiding the use of buses. This was also a stand to prove that they were unhappy that they had no rights and they would harm non violently, but in other ways, like economically.

The actions against protesters were fought violently by the white people. They would release dogs to attack black men and even kill blacks. Their was also violence with a clan called the Ku Klux Klan. They would even burn black people to show their hatred towards them.

The Selma-to-Montgomery March, as the name states it, was a march led by Martin Luther King Jr. from Selma to Montgomery. When they arrived at Montgomery, MLK recited the famous "I had a Dream" speech. This is considered the biggest act in the Civil Rights Movement.

The Freedom Rides was a journey by 7 black and 6 white men, who traveled around the country asking for equal rights.

On top of the previous text you can see the bus in which they traveled on. It was bombed by segregation conservatives opposing to these ideas

The Jim Crow Laws were the laws that stated colored people of being inferior. These laws also proposed for no integration between the two races.


Montgtomery Bus Boycott


Violence Against Protestors



Freedom Rides

Selma-to-Montgomery March

The police even had something to do with all this. They would send trained K-9s to attack Colored men.

One of the most famous known for that was Bull Connor, a police who sent out rampaging dogs to hurt black men. He is shown art the picture on top.

The resources i used were the worksheets, my knowledge, youtube for the video, google for the images and this website: http://www.core-online.org/History/freedom%20rides.htm


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