Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers deal with larde construction projects and systems. They include designing, constructing, supervising, and maintaining:-roads-buildings-airports-tunnels-dams-bridges-systems for water supply-sewage treatment-etc.Education-Bachelors degree

-the median salary was $80,770 per year in 2013-the highest-$126,190(but only included 10% of people)-the lowest was $51,810


Working conditions

Preconstruction planning, implement, and infrastructure maintenance are the three phases they must do in a project.-During the preconstruction planing, most work is done indoors.-Durig the implemeantation phase workers are on-site sometimes living their for 2-3 days at a time.-During the infrastructure maintenance they workers work in their offices

Civil engineers make sure that the building is being constructed properly and conviniently.They also take cover of problems that have occured and look for a solution

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