Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers construct, design, operate, supervise, and maintain large construction projects and systems, including buildings, roads, bridges, dams, sewage and water treatments, airports, tunnels, and more.

Civil Engineers

2012 medain salary$79,340 per year $38.14 per hour

Work EnviromentCivil enginners typically work indoors in offices. Sometimes, however they work on a construction site to monitor or solve any problems. You must work fulltime.

Major Job ResponsibiltiesSome major responsibilities of a civil enginner are to make sure buildings are built right and and everything is sturdy.

Yes, there is a high demand for this type of enginner. The job outlook from 2012-2022 is 20%. (faster than average) The job employment change from 2012-2022 is 53,700.

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Civil enginerr's need a bachelor's degree in civil engineering technology or just civil engineering. Typically need graduate degree and liscensure for propmotions to senior positions. Civil engineers usually need to be licesned in the place they provide public services publicity.


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