Civics and Citizenship

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Civics and Citizenship

Why is it possible to change the law?Its possible to change the law because the law might not be relevant anymore. Society may not think that the purpose or meaning of the law may not be relavent. Also it can be changed to suit the 21st century technology. The use of internet has changed and create new laws because around 20 years ago the internet didn't exist. We have a democratic government where people can vote to make and change the law. The court system makes sure that the law is enforced .

How a Law is Made or Changed State and Federal LawsA new law is introduced by the government. The new law is called a ‘bill’. A bill must go through stages before it can become a law. When the bill is introduced, the parliament can vote on it. The stages for a bill to become a new law begins with the House of Representatives. If the bill is passed it moves on to the Senate. The bill is debated on in the Senate. If the bill is passed it is handed over to the Governor-General. The bill is signed by the Governor-General and becomes a new law of Australia. Changing the Law Changing a law has vas very similar proccess to making a law.The new changed law ahs to be suggested and a petition is to be signed. The bill is taken to the House of Representatives to be debated on. If the bill passes it goes to the Senate. The senate has to pass the bill for it to be a new law. When the bill is passed the Governor General signs it and the law is changed. Usually changes to Civil Laws require society input. Usually changes to criminal law are directed by the courts or the government.

Civics and Citizenship

Australias National IdentityIs Australia's national identity changing? Yes! Why? Trading, immigration and electronic media has now brought Australia closer to other cultures all around the world. Debating changes to the Australian law helps the people maintain the national identity, at the same time it introduces new cultures which benifits the changing Australian identity.

What is the Law?Laws are rules that the parliament creates to help make Australia and its people safe and to manage our society. Customary LawCustomary law relates to practices which have developed over possibly hundreds of years. These are from accepted practices and keeps the society safe and in order. An example of this is that you cannot marry your brother or sister as it leads to disabled children. This was discovered thousands of years ago. We have learned from history and created Customary Laws to prevent this from happening.Criminal LawCriminal law is the law that relates to crime. It focuses on whatever is threatening, harmful, or endangering to the property, health, safety, and welfare of people. It includes the punishment of people who violate these laws.Civil LawCivil law is a common law. It’s a branch of law which consists of non-criminal law. It focuses on the rights of private citizens, how the society reacts and the laws that relate to our Local Government, State government and Federal Government. An example of this would be the laws that relate to buy and selling real estate.

Why is a change to a Law DebatedA change to the law is debated so that the community has a say of their own opinion on the change of the law. The new law reflects what the community excpects and believes what is best for them. My example of this is to do with Civil Law. When the local counsel wants to make changes to a road they seek residents opinions. This is an example of the democratic process.


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