Civics and Citizenship

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Civics and Citizenship


It is possible to change a law because some citizens of Australia may not like one of the laws which would turn into a protest so that you can say what you feel but if this didn't happen it could turn out into war and conflict.

Australia has three levels of law-making—sometimes referred to as three levels of government—that work together to provide Australians with the services they need. These are: Local Council, State/Territory Parliaments and the Federal Parliament.

Civics and Citizenship

Why is it possible to change a law?

I think that is is important for australia to have a shared national identity because we have so many cultures within our state and it wold be racist towards them as they woudn't be able to come into our country and see our beautiful sites.

To change a law, you must:1. first see if there is another jurisdiction that looks at the same issue a different way2. Know what level of government is responsible for the law.3. See if there are any pending pieces of legislation that might accomplish the goal and are already in the legislative pipeline. 4. Book a meeting with your legislator, now that you're armed with a good idea about other pending legislation (or lack thereof) and examples of other ways governments handle your issue.

Which governing bodies determine the outcome to changes of law?

Customary Law - traditional common rule or practice: accepted or expected conduct for community, profession, or trade treated as legal requirement. Civil Law - defines and arbitrates/mediates the rights of private citizens.Criminal Law - branch of law that defines the nature of crimes and sets punishments for them

The people who might be affected by any changes to the law could be anyone living in the community, state and country from business employees to ordinary people with no jobs at all.

The differences in criminal, civil and customary laws

Who might be affected by any changes to the law?

What is the process involved?

•drugs – legal or illegal status •mandatory reporting – if you suspect that a child is being physically, emotionally or sexually abused •confidentiality and privacy legislation – to protect the confidentiality of young people •duty of care – to reduce or limit the amount of harm or injury to your clients •OH&S – ensures workers operate in a safe environment to prevent injuries or hazards in the workplace.

Identify which particular law it would be?

Is it important for Australia to have a shared national identity?


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