[2015] Aaron Gilbert (McCullough): Cival War Medicine

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[2015] Aaron Gilbert (McCullough): Cival War Medicine

Before the Civil War medical minds took 40-50 years to train. They were the people who worked on soilders on the battlefield. Many surgeons argued against amnesia and putting men to sleep because it slowed healing and lost blood during the surgerys.

One medical instament was called ''Saw Bones.'' Over 70% of patients treated had injuries to their arm or legs. Amputations were the most common treatment for wounded soilders. amputations were done with little or no numming agent. Badly wounded men sometimes waited hours or even days for treatment. Doctors stood for hours sawing through bones.

Disease spread rapidly because soilders lived closely together.At least 6,029,560 of these cases were disease not wounds. By drinking dirty water over a million soilders got sick with diarrhea, and about 57,000 soilders died from this. Diarrhea was the most most common disease of the Civil War.

Some of the things nurses did were removing magots,lice,wound dressing,washing people,scrubbing ward floors,emptying bed pans,and a variety of other onerous jobs. But,there remained another option, trained, efficient, and caring women... Army Nurses



Medical Instraments


This creek is like one the soilders would get their water from

These are what the nurses looked like during the Civil War

Picture of the human body with labels

Instuments that surgeons used

Civil War Medicine


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