City of Orphans

by Julieplunkett
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City of Orphans

City of Orphansby Avi

The story takes place in 1893 in New York City. During this time in history, the United States experienced rapid growth due to the influx of immigrants from Europe. Because child labor laws had not been implemented, the children were expected to work in order to help families survive. Most children came from families that lived in poverty. The main character in the story is Maks, who is a "newsie", who were children that sold newspapers on the street. Maks is saved by a bully named Bruno when a street orphan named Willa defends him from being beaten up. Maks invites Willa to his home to get a good meal. When they arrive, Maks finds out that his big sister Emma has been arrested. Emma worked at the world-famous Waldorf hotel, where she was accused of stealing a watch. Maks and Willa have to learn how to be detectives to find out how to get Emma out of jail and also stay away from Bruno on the dangerous streets of New York city. The story is written in slang, as if Maks is telling the whole story in his own JP8/14/13

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The main character is Maks-a 13 year old "Newsie".

Supporting characters are Maks' family members, Willa the orphan, and the detective, Bartleby Donck.

During this time, many people died from Tuberculosis, or TB. Thankfully we have a vaccination for it now.



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