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City of Amber

The City of Ember By Jeanne DuPrau

Ceci MacLachlanFirst Hour

PlotThe supplies are running low and the lights are starting to flicker in Ember. But, when Lina finds a mysterious message in her home, she thinks it's a way out. When her and Doon open a door in the tunnels, they find its stacked high with supplies and the greedy mayor. They also found something else. The way out of Ember. But, when the guards are chasing after them about "spreading lies about the mayor", they make a decision. Lina grabbed Poppy, and all three of them fled out of Ember, and into a boat to the exit. When they finally make it out into the outside world, they figured out something. The whole entire time, they were living underground. So, Lina made a message, tied it to a rock and threw it down to Ember from an opening, hoping someone finds it. In the end Mrs.Murdo finds a curious message that lands at her feet.

Setting 1The City of Ember is built into a vast underground cavern and is filled with conventionally sized buildings and houses. It's the year 241 and Ember is starting to fall into darkness as the generator begins to fail.

Setting 2The surface is where the book ends at, and its where they see the sky, sun, and all kinds of creatures and plants for the very first time.

ThemeI think the theme is that as long as you have hope, you will find freedom.

Jeanne DuPrauJeanne DuPrau was born in 1944 in San Francisco, CA. DuPrau received a BA in English Literature from Scripps College in Claremont, CA. She has been a high school English teacher and an editor for educational publishing companies. DuPrau is a garden enthusiast, dog lover, ice skater, bird watcher, a meditator, house builder, gardener, piano player, and a gourmet vegetarian cook. She is best known for The City of Ember series.

Doon HarrowDoon is a stubborn, intimatating 12 year old boy. He has rumpled up hair and huge, bushy eyebrows, making him look serious. With his intimatating look, you wouldn't suspect that he's a real softy at times. He works in the pipeworks of the city, and he's the male protagonist of the story.

Mayor ColeMayor Cole is a vast, heavy man, so big in the middle, his arms look small and dangling. He has a gray, droopy face with a giant mouth. Greed and slyness are his middle names. Obviously he's the antogonist and the mayor of Ember.

Lina MayfleetLina is a slender girl with long, dark brown hair. She is 12 years old. Her personality is kind and determined. Lina's job is not only being the female protagonist, but as the new messanger of Ember.


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