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City Life, Transportation

London buses are definitely a cheap way to travel around London, it also provides sightseeing opportunities! It has improved alot and is accesible in every corner of the city.

Underground is a metro system in London and it is the first underground railway in the world (1863). It's become one of the most famous symbols of the city life in London. It is extremely popular. (During WWII, the Underground stations were used as shelters during the Blitzt.)


the famous saying of the underground.


City Life!

"Pay as you go with Oyster"A visitor Oyster car offers great savings and is the easiest way to access the travel networks such as the Underground and the London bus. You can easily acquire one in the Underground stations.(costs £18 per person)

Why red?

the map looks like a mess but once you analyze it everything is organized and you can actually reach everywhere with it. click.

London's official taxis the black cabs can be hailed in the streets, bus stations and telephones.If you want to complete your London experience, you should definitely travel in one of the black cabs.


Local Trains

Local Trains are rail services and can cross the city's boundries. They extend beyond the Underground network. If you want to discover every inch of London then local trains are for you.

London's public bicycle is a great and fun way to travel around the city and do some sightseeig. After you paid your weekly access fee, The first half-hour is free!! You just swipe your card and grab one. Enjoy.

Travelling on the river bus by the river is the most romantic way to get around in London. You'll get rid of the ttraffic and enjoy some fantastic views along the way!Thames river bus and river tours services are popular with visitors are a little bit expensive.

London Cycle Hire Scheme

River Thames Bus Servise



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