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CitezenshipHow Humberto Sees it.

Becoming a Citezen!

Humberto!! How do I become a citizen?!I'm Glad you asked! there are 3 ways to become a Citizen. One way to becoma a citizen is to have parents who are citizens. But you may ask: "HUMBERTO!! My parents aren't citizens!! Can I still become a citizen?!" The answer is : yes. You can also be born in the U.S. to becoma a citizen. "HUMBERTO!!! I'm from a foreign country!" It's ok. you can still go through Natrulization if you are a resident for 5 years. "HUMBERTO!!! thats too long!" ok. you can also serve in the military for 1 year and go through natrulization then.HUMBERTO!!! what is natrulization?!Well, I'm elated that you have presented me with that question. To become a citizen through natrulization, you must be 18 years or older, be a resident for 5 years (or serve in the military for 1 year), have good charachter, speak english, pass a civics test and interview, and take the oath of allegiance by swearing loyalty to the United States and the Constitution.

Humberto!!! I'm Not a citizen! Do I have rights?The answer is: Yes. you do have rights. You get the bill of rights. Gaurunteed!Humberto!! What's the bill of rights?the bill of rights has 10 rights. You can look at the bill of rights by clicking on this.Humberto!!! I am a citizen! Do I get rights too?Yes. You do. You get the bill of rights and you get to vote, try to run for political placement, and be part of the jury!

Rights and Who Has Them!!

Humberto!! now can I do whatever I want?No. You still have responsibilities you must follow. Everyone must obey laws.Humberto!!! Do citizens have more responsibilities?!Yes. You must register within the selective service system if you are a male between ages 18 - 26. Citizens must vote and server in the jury when they are asked as well.Humberto!! What about crimes?You go to jail for doing a crime. BUT if you commit a crime which affects the whole country, you have committed treason and will be put in jail until your death.



PatriotismWhen you feel this, you feel proud of your country and you feel a bond.

AllegianceWhen you promise or pledge your loyalty to.


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