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Automatic CitizenshipYou were born in the U.S Bothe youre parents are U.S CitienzChiled resides in the U.SBorn on a U.S military base


Responsibilitys and dutes.

Military Duty Song

3 Responsibilitys Vote in elections Participate in the democratic Proces Particapate in youre local community.

Responsibilities and Rights for Naturalized Citizens They are elegebel to voteFinantiol AidWorship as you pleazSoport familyThey have to show up for jury duty Searv the contry when needed Show allegence to the U.S

How to Become a Citizen Take the naturralization testLive in the U.S for mor than 5 years Speak english Have to be over 18 years oldOr cold join military


Rights of citizensFreedom to express yourself.Rights to a prompt , fire trile by jury Rights to vote in an election for public officials .Rights to apply for federal employment requiring U.S citizenship.Right to run for offic

Bill of Rights

Rights and Responsibilyties for Every Citizen Freedom of religionThe freedom of speech and the due Process of law.

Things to KnowHow do you show Allegence?saying the pleg of allegencsaying the othe of aligenceTresone?Refusing and going agenst the U.S citezensPareriaisme?Being proud and happy of youre state and contryBill of Rights?The document that gives all rights to all citizense

Naturalization process


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