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Citizienship of the U.S

Citizenship:being amember of a country and having full rights and responsibilities under that country's law

Allegiance:to show loyalty to your country. Pledge of Allegiance:Pledge to the U.S flag and to the nation that Americans often say.



How to Become a U.S Citizen:- Naturalization -Take the Oath of Allegiance -Take and pass a civics test -Pass an interview

How to Know if You are Already a U.S Citizen:- Both parents are U.S. citizens-You were born in the U.S or U.S territory

Patriotism:Having pride for your countryTreason:Betraying your country.Bill of Rights:The first ten ammendments of the U.S.

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The Bill of Rights

Rights for only U.S. citizens:-The right to vote in federal elections-The right to run for federal political office-The right to serve on a jury

All the people that live in the U.S have the right to:-have freedom of expression- worship-assmble peacefullyResponsibilities of U.S. Citizens:- Obey laws- Voting in elections and serving on juries when asked- Men have to sign up for the Selective Service System


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