Citizenship in America

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Citizenship in America

Citizenship in America

There are two ways to become a citizen automatically.-If you are born in the United states.-If both your parents are U.S. citizens.

Born Citizen

The united states gives freedoms or rights to those who live here. The first ten amendments or the Bill of Rights list the important rights.-Some of these rights include freedom of speech, and the freedom of worship.-Some rights are only for U.S citizens like the right to vote for federal office, the right to run for federal office, etc...

Rights-Only for U.S citizens-For all citizens


There are other ways to become a citizen.-You can become a citizen by going through a process called naturilization. To qualify you need to be at least 18 years old. You also have to be a permanent resident. You also need good character, be able to speak English and pass a civics test. As a final test they must take the Oath of Allegiance. This shows your allegiance to the country.

Oath of allegiance Ceremony.

Responsibiities of being a citizen.

There are responsibilities for people who live in the U.S.-Those responsibilities include having to obey the laws and for U.S. citizens you have to vote on elections and go to jury duty.-For male citizens it is mandatory to register for the selective service system. It calls you if there is a crisis that you have to serve in the military, If u dont it is considered treason because you are not being loyal to your country.

Some people are proud of their country. They feel pride. That is called Patriotism.


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