Citizenship in America

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Citizenship in America


How to Have Citizenship

Three Rights That Are Only For US Citizens

Three Responsibilities In the US Must Uphold

2. Right to run for federal political office

Naturalized Citizens

Automatic Citizenship

3. The right to serve on a jury.

1.EVERYONE is responsible to OBEY the laws.

If you are born in the Unted States you are automatically a U.S. citizen.

1. Right to vote in federal elections

If you weren't born in United States but your both parents are or were you are automaticically a citizen.

Showing loyalty every morning in your school by pledging.

4. Have good character5.Speak English6. Pas civic test and an interview7. Take the Oath of Allegiance

FACTS1. Must be 18 years or older.2.They have been perminant residents of the United States for 5 years.3. Or could serve the miltiary for at least one year and become sonner citizens. Because they're showing loyalty to the US.

3.Male citizens between ages 18 and 26 must also register with the Selective Service System.

2.Serve the juries when asked.And vote on elections.

TREASONthe act of betrayingyour country, and the U.S. Constituition makes this crime punishible by death.

Bill of RightsThe first ten amendments to the U.S. Constituition

PatriotismMost U.S. citizens feel deep bond with their country.Examples:-Singing the national anthem-Celebrating Independence Day- Celebrating other national days

Rights Afforded to ALL Citizens

Allegianceloyalty to your own country.Examples:-Pledge of Allegiance-Oath of Allegiance

Everyone has the Bill of Rights

Freedom of Expression

Right to be free from unreasonable searches by governemnt offivials.

Assemble peacefully

Petition the government.

Freedom to Worship


Citizenship Facts


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