Citizenship and Government

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Citizenship and Government

PRIDEShowing your Bulldog PRIDE is being a responsible citizen of Grantham Elementary School!Click the paper clip to view the Bulldog Rules.

Citizenship&GovernmentCreated by Mary Shaffer

What does it mean to be a responsible citizen? You are a citizen of your country, The United States of America, as well as your school. To be a responsible citizen, you must show respect to everyone, no matter what! Teachers must show respect to you and to other teachers and you as students must show respect to your teachers as well as to each other. Being a responsible citizen also means that you have a responsibility to take care of your school and to take care of your classroom and materials. This means that you should clean up after yourself everyday. What else do you think it means to be a responsible citizen?Copy and paste this website to visit Mrs. Hall's website on citizenship!

Community LeadersThere are leaders in every government. At Grantham Elementary, Mrs. Barrett is a leader. She is the school principal. Mr. Joyner is also a leader as well as teachers. You can be a leader in your classroom by making good choices and being a good role model for your classmates. Outside of Grantham Elementary, community leaders are appointed, or named or voted in, to their position. They are chosen by the people, or citizens to make smart decisions for them.

GovernmentA government is a group of people that makes laws for a community. According to our SS text, "laws help people know what to do and what not to do" (p. 12). For example, there are laws that say how fast people can drive. What happens when this law is broken? What else could happen because of breaking this law? A consequence is what happens as a result of what a person does. A consequence of driving too fast might be a speeding ticket. Driving too fast can also end in a car accident. Here at Grantham Elementary, our PRIDE Rules are like laws. What are the consequences of breaking the PRIDE Rules? We must always make good choices here at school and in our community to avoid negative consequences.

Mayor Chuck AllenLocal Leader

President Donald TrumpNational Leader

Governor Roy CooperState Leader

Three Branches of Government

Copy and paste this website to learn more about the Three Branches of Government:

American SymbolsA symbol is a living or nonliving thing that represents something else. Grantham Elementary School uses a Bulldog to symbolize the school. When you think of Bulldogs, you think Grantham Elementary. America also uses symbols to represent the country. Click the paper clip in the top right hand corner to view a PowerPoint of National American symbols.


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