[2015] Brooke Dooley (Class of 2017): Cirrhosis

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[2015] Brooke Dooley (Class of 2017): Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is the late stage of scarring of the liver(hepatic fibrosis), which is caused by all of the following: hemochromatosis(Iron build up) cystic fibrosis, wilsons diease(copper), chronic alcohol abuse, hepatitis B or C, and fat build up in the liver. Signs and symptoms dont normally start occuring until severe damage has already been done to the liver. they include: Fatigue, itchy skin, bleeding and bruising easily, nausea, and loss of appetite. Cirrhosis can not be curred, and damge to the liver can't be undone, but if it is caught early enough further damage can be limited. As Cirrhosis progresses, the liver tissue becomes more scarred and damaged making it difficult for the liver to function properly. This can make Cirrhosis exteremly life threating.


Cirrhosisby Brooke Dooley



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Nutritional Guidelines:

No alcohol, No raw seafood, only eat very lean meats(poltury, fish) avoid food with copper, and eat a very small amout of sodium per day. Diet should provide anywhere from 25-40 kcal body weight a day.m ipsum dolor sit amet, consectadipiscing elit. Nam sed lorem eget turpis suscipit gravida. Maecenas sit amet ullamcorper eros, eu aliquam sem. Nunc ut ligula quis nunc mollis gravid. Nunc ut ligula quis nunc mollis gravid

Nursing Interventions

*Measure dietary intake by calorie count*Weigh them & compare changes in fluid & recent weight history*Encourage patient to eat all meals, & explain why*Help feed them if needed*Include them in meal planning*Provide all salt substitutes possible*Don't allow caffeine*Allow patient plenty of rest*Recommend no smokingullam eu vehicula metus. Vestibulum ut condimentum tellus. Aenean vel iaculis odio. In tincidunt eros eget aliquet gravida. Ut id ligula maximus eros ultrices porttitor.Vestibulum ligula diam, gravida tempor hendrerit quis, malesuada id erat.



Breakfest: Milk(2 cups), 1 scrambeled egg plain with 2 pieces of toast, and a banana. Lunch: Roasted turkey breast sliced(1 slice) on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato, and fat free musturd or mayo. Apples or grapes, with a yogurt and water. Dinner: 3oz grilled chicken with a baked sweet potato, and squash (1 cup), a salad(1 cup) with a little salad dressing. a wheat roll with unsalted margarine, and water. *This meal plan consist of 2 cups of fruit, 3 cups of veggies, 5oz of grains, 3 cups of dairy, and 5oz of protein

24 Hour Menu Plan


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