Circulatory System

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Human Anatomy

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Circulatory System

Circulatory System


Left Ventricle

Right Atrium

Right Ventricle

Left Atrium

Superior Vena Cava

Inferior Vena Cava

Left Pulmonary Artery

Left Pulmonary Veins

Right Pulmonary Artery

Arteries are the thickest blood vessels and they take nutrient rich blood which they get from the capillaries to the heart to the body

Veins are the blood vessels that bring the blood that needs oxygen to the lungs to the capillaries

Capillaries are the thinest blood vessels and they are the blood vessels that exchange oxygen for waste and then sends it to the arteries

Blood is made in bone marrow

The circulatory system works with the respiratory system and digestive system to help provide energy for the body

Circulatory System Video

Khan Academy

The heart is an invoulantary muscle and it never stops

Right Pulmonary Veins



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