Circulatory system

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Human Anatomy

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Circulatory system

Heart -Its the main part of the circulatory system-Pumps blood throught the body. -It's a muscle about the size of a fist- Expanding movement as it fills up with blood, and then in contracts to push the blood out and into the veins to be distributed along the body. - The heart has 2 sides. -The right side receives blood from the body and pumps it into the lungs, while the left side receives blood filled with oxygen from the lungs and then pumps it out into the body. -Each side of the heart has one atrium and one ventricle-Ventricle:Squirts blood out into the body and lungs- Atrium: Receives the blood coming in from the body and lungs

The circulatory system distributes blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Blood Vessels


The Basic Functions

Circulatory System

By: Santiago Valenzuela

Other Parts of the System

-Two types of blood vessels-Arteries: Carry blood away from the heart -Veins: Carry blood back to the heart

- Blood is made up of: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets- Red Blood Cells: Carry blood throughout the body- White Blood Cells: Fight infections- Platelets: Cells to help you stop bleeding-Plasma:A liquid that carries: nutrients,and homones.-Blood is made in the innermost part of bones: in the bone marrow.

Coronary Circulation: Flow of blood within the heart itself. Brings in nutrients and removes wastePulmonary Circulation: Flow of blood within the luns in which the blood collects the oxygen we breathe in, and where it deposits CO2 after flowing through the bodySystemic Circulation: Through major arteries, it distributes oxygen rich blood to all the organs and body tisues.



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